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Energy is nothing but is a Life Force all around us as a prime base in all different wavelengths and frequencies. We can definitely say that even in the creation, development and existence of the universe, only energy is there. Say, universe is an ocean of energy and energy is everything.

Entire environment and creature are hit at every moment with different types of energies from so many sources. We don’t see it but we know it is there. The energy supports us, nourishes us and gives us life.

It is an ETERNAL TRUTH that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be converted from one form to another form. This eternal truth has been proven by the world’s greatest scientist Einstein E=MC2.

Mainly, there are two types of energy Positive (+) and Negative (-). Positive Energy is always beneficial and Negative Energy is always harmful.

Our mind and body are also creator, receiver and transmitter of energy. We create maximum energy by our mind which makes our life. Effect of thought plays a vital role in human life. Thoughts create us and thoughts kill us, so we should always try to think and to be more and more positive at every moment of life.

The proportion of benefit and harm is directly proportionate to the quantum of type of energy. Everybody wants to live more and more beneficially so more and more positive energy is required by everyone. Positive thinking and behavior can be achieved by cultivating and training our mind which we can control and manage.

But in this era of modern technology and fast developing society, we are always compelled to use regularly cellphones, laptops, computers, TV and so many electrical and electronic equipments and apparatus which always create nothing but only the negative effects to mind and body as a slow poison.

Human life is a very precious, so no one should try to have any sort of the negative energy.

Then what to do? Either to stop usage of all these instruments or to use any other device which converts the negative energy into positive energy and saves the user from the negative effects of the negative energy generating instruments (from the process of slow poison effect).