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"Energy Blessings" is a company established with the bona fide intention to save the mankind and universal energy from the negative energy effect created by radiation of cellphone, laptop, computer, TV, etc. For this, Mr. Kirti Shah (Energy Consultant, Energy Blessings) has invented a unique and innovative product named "Energy Convertor," which when used with the modern equipments converts the negative energy effect created by them into positive energy. This product is based purely on Wave Technology and is 100% harmless.


  • Energy form, type, and frequency differs and it can be converted.

  • Energy of higher consciousness is required by all.

  • Everything is in mind and everything is mind.

  • Empower your mind power by the power of mantra, yantra, and meditation which requires continuous and regular practice.

  • Mantra with yantra works like a magic.

  • Regular meditation helps to attain alpha level of the mind, which is very essential for the creativity.

  • At every moment of life, we regularly need power of mind, power of mantra, power of yantra, and power of meditation which empower our life to live happily and joyfully. To learn these very easily and effectively in a short time, kindly arrange and attend our seminars and workshops.